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The Story of That First Wondrous Wednesday!

How Wondrous Women Got It's Start

Wondrous Women began December 31st, 2009 as a blog that Amy launched to tease out some ideas for a book she had been writing.  From its inception there was an immediate positive response from women worldwide!  From there Amy committed to posting weekly, every Wondrous Wednesday, words of motivation, inspiration, empowerment, and mentoring!  The wondrous women blog was a regular feature through 2014.

The blog  opened up countless opportunities from guest blogging to speaking to hosting various educational women events! Amy has self published her own book, Wondrous Women: Your Wondrousness Is Within to co-authoring chapters in a half dozen or more other books. This has been an amazing journey and Amy feels completely blessed to have the opportunity to be a force that improves the lives of women in her community and beyond!


With a refreshed outlook on life and living and a several year hiatus from blogging to work on other projects, Amy is excited to launch the Wondrous Women blog with a different spin. This blog will be very different than the one of the past. Although every post piece will be designed to be of positive, motivating, & inspirational the focus will be on living a wondrous life. For Amy that comes in 3 areas: 1) personally 2) professionally and 3) financially. Having spent the last 20 years teaching these topics at California State University, Chico through a variety of Communication, Management, and University Life courses, Amy is excited to share her practical and applied knowledge and tips with you. Topics regarding our personal wellbeing will be posted in the category "Person Positive."  Career advice, tips, trends, & opportunities will be shared under "Polished Professional."  Our financial freedon, security, and success is explored in the category of "Financially Fit." One last area that Amy will share our her favorite recipes within the "Famished Female...Let's Eat" category. Please share the blog, comment, and let us know what you'd like to hear more about.

As always, she appreciates the following and support of all Wondrous Women and Marvelous Men and encourages them to keep rocking the wondrous way!

-Wondrous Women  

Amy Lance

Founder of Wondrous Women &

Motivational Speaker


Facebook: Wondrous Women

Twitter:  Wondrous Women

More About Amy:


Amy Lance is currently a faculty member at California State University, Chico and Butte Community College. She has 16 years experience as a former administrator at CSU, Chico who went back to theclassroom full time in 2014. With over 20 years of experiences as an Adjunct Professor in Communication, Business, and First Year Experience. She has taught Management, Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Gender Communication, Orientation to University Life, Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, and a wide variety of communication courses.


Most recently Amy has founded Wondrous Women . Wondrous Women is about the beauty of being a woman and the amazing gifts that come along with it! Women are gems of the world, but their daily grind often takes its toll and lessens their sparkle. Amy’s passion is to encourage, inspire, motivate, and empower all women to recognize their wonders and know they can be the change they wish to see in themselves and the world. Amy’s weekly writing on and national speaking engagements help her engage her audience and assist women of all backgrounds recognize all that makes them wondrous.

Amy Lance speaks across the country on issues of higher education, women empowerment, motivation, leadership, and women in power positions.


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