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Amy Lance, Professional speaker


Amy Lance is an Author, Blogger, Motivational Speaker, University Instructor, former College Administrator, & Founder of Wondrous Women. She was a nationally recognized advising administrator within her professional association & she frequently consults professionals across the country on best practices. Additionally, she has 20 years of experiences teaching Leadership, Management, Personal Success, Gender Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, etc.


As founder of Wondrous Women, she has published her own book, co-authored chapters ofseveral books, speaks nationally as a motivational speaker & blogs regularly all of which are designed to encourage, inspire, motivate, & empower all women to recognize all that makes them wondrous.  


If you are interested in bringing Amy to your next meeting, conference, or retreat below are samples of some of her past presentations. No meeting is too large and she can create a motivating talk specifically for your group!  Please contact her at or 530-513-2965


Dare to Declare YOURSELF a Wondrous Woman

Life is a blessing and something we all can focus on ap­preciating more fully. Each and every one of us has what it takes to live the wondrous way; we simply have to make the choice to do so. The powers are within and when we recognize we have control of creating our destiny we can embrace all the wondrousness that is inside. Won’t you commit to living the wondrous way by embracing the powers within and declaring yourself a Wondrous Woman!


Girl You Already Know The Answer, You're Just Not Listening to Yourself

The number one trend I have seen in the women I have been fortunate enough to teach and learn from is our lack of TRUST in ourselves. Every one of us has known the answer to the questions we seek advice and guidance on, but because of fear or denial or some other unknown factor, we never trust ourselves and our internal reaction or knowledge to situations. We all fall victim to it and through this presentation I will reflect on occasions during my life where I did not listen to my self and other times when I did. Every woman has an inner voice, some are better at hearing it than others, but everyone can learn to deepen their connection. You have to practice listening to your intuition and trusting the message she gives you. My hopes are that this talk will be your gentle reminder to accept that….Girl, You Already Know the Answer….You’re just not listening to Yourself.


Lessons of Ladyness

Being a strong independent woman has always served me well. The only area where it has caused me a hiccup is within my interpersonal, love relationships. What I have learned is that I am so use to making decisions and being in charge that I was not succeeding at truly co-partnering in all aspects of love. Being a teacher in Gender Communication, I am highly aware of how men and women communicate differently, both verbally and nonverbally, but in reality I was not applying my knowledge effectively to create a mutually satisfying relationship. I absolutely love being with a man who treats his lady with the utmost respect, kindness, and consideration. Yet I struggled with knowing how to fully let him care for me; allowing him to be a man and I the lady. I believe my independence is a strength, but in this aspect it was prevented me from fulfilling his needs. Many women today struggle in their interpersonal relationships in this arena as well. Allow me to help you understand that you can be a strong, dominant woman while also adopting the lessons of ladyness!


Living Leadership

What is leadership? When initially asked most people will automatically reflect on someone who has changed the world. Most of us have been socialized to believe leadership is the pedestal idea that only few can obtain. Yet the reality is that leadership is inherent in each of us. We all have the responsibility of leading. Together we will explore a model of leadership that incorporates how each of us individually and collective make an impact. Everyone will be empowered and motivated to live leadership!


Poised & Polished for Professional Pursuit

Over my career I have been blessed to mentor thousands of students. Once in professional positions I watch many of my new young professionals struggle with their new role and I see them make unprofessional judgments that could be detrimental to their advancement and long term careers.Bloomberg released a study in May 2013 identifying professionalism as the number one skill set recent graduates were lacking. Huffington Post addressed in July of 2013 how more and more colleges are responding to this need by beginning to teach professional readiness.It is not that students lack the tools and skill sets for success it is that they are ill prepared for how to showcase them to future employers.In the spirit of making sure all college graduates are not only going after and acquiring those dream jobs, let’s make sure they maintain them. This presentation is committed to giving you the edge by equipping you with real life, useful, and practical advice....from experience in the field. The focus is to make sure you will be your best poised and polished professional!




Additional Speaking areas coming soon!


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