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Teak Time

Summer is here and everyone is working hard to get their backyards in shape so that one can enjoy their outdoor living space.

If your family is anything like mine, you spend a great deal of your time in your outdoor living areas. Do you find yourself eat most meals there once the weather is warm enough. Do you enjoy entertaining and having various celebrations in your backyard with your family and friends. Maybe on a quiet summer night you enjoy us sipping wine in your front courtyard with great neighbors.

When you spend that much time outdoors you need to find some quality backyard furniture. Teak furniture is ideal for your outside space because 1) it's beautiful and 2) it's extremely durable with an infinite lifespan. However, teak furniture can be very expensive. This is a must find at estate sales, garage sales, craigslist, or any 2nd hand store.

Many of our family and friends are constantly shocked at our "garage sale goods." Recently, we picked up this gorgeous teak chairs and table at a local estate sale. Now, I know what you are thinking, "that is not gorgeous." And you are right, but with a little elbow grease we have transformed this into a beautiful set.

Best is we got the entire set for $50.....YES $50!!! Buying this new would have broken the bank. I can't stress enough that you MUST be smart with your money to live the wondrous way. This was a great investment to get what we wanted without settling.

You also have to be able to look past the dirt, stains, etc. and see what could be. Sometimes you have to put in some effort with your garage sale finds. But that can also bring great satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment.

These pictures were taken at the estate sale and I was texting them to my husband to get his opinion. I was concerned about that one corner on the table (which a little glue fixed right up) and I wasn't sure we could get them clean and looking beautiful. However, that we did and we are so excited to enjoy and share our new teak furniture with our family and friends, this summer and for many summers to come.

Check out my blog post in the DIY section to see how we transformed our garage sale goods into this!

#Teakfurniture #garagesale #recycle #repurpose #DIY #Savemoney #2ndhand

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