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Teak Treatment

Teak furniture is one of my favorite for it's longevity and natural beauty. Our newest pieces were from a garage sale find (you can read about that in Teak Time) and was in desperate need of some TLC. My husband washed all the pieces and we love the bright and light color.

We knew that in a very short time they would turn to the silver grey from being outside in the sun. We really wanted to keep that finished look and so with much research we finally found a product that has done just that.

Teak Oil is not to be used because it supposedly strips the wood of it's natural oils. You need to find a Teak SEALER which has UV protection.

We found and used Starbright's Teak Oil Penetrating Sealer Preserver. Starbight makes a variety of products for Teak wood and we are very happy with the results.

We applied all of our chairs and table top with this sealer using a regular paint brush. It went on easy. We used 2 coats on each piece of furniture.

We loved it so much we transformed all of our teak furniture.

To be fair, when I say "we," I mean my awesome husband...I was busy in the garden. None the less, he did a great job and we love the new look!!

#DIY #2ndhand #repurpose #Teakfurniture #recycle #Savemoney #treatingteak

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