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4th of July Decor On a Budget

Looking for some new decorate for the upcoming 4th of July? Check out your local thrift store for great finds and at the right price.

Most thrift stores stock the shelf just before the holiday season with dishware, decorations, and sometimes attire that are darling and priced right. When you start seeing local department stores gear up for an upcoming season you should start searching your favorite 2nd hand store for your next find to spruce up your home or closet at a fraction of the cost.

Just this week I found the wreath pictured to the left. I thought it was darling and was excited to see it priced at $3.99. I make similar wreaths and could not even purchase the materials for that price. Much to my surprise it was also 50% off, so I paid $1.99. Upon returning home I looked it up online for fun and found the exact same wreath sells for $70....what could you do with a $68 saving??!!

Buying used is better for the environment, often helps a local cause, and most importantly keeps your money in YOUR bank account. One of the best ways to be financially fit is to buy used. Some people turn their nose up to this type of purchasing power but it is one of the number one ways to financial freedom. There's nothing more exciting than watching your bank account grow and this is an easy way to have that happen.

The next time you think you want or "need" something see if you can find it used. I often encourage my students and client to take the money that they saved and put it in a jar. Do this for a year and see how much money is in your jar at the end....enough to pay down or off a credit card or student loan? for a vacation? down payment on a car or house? investment?

Enjoy your holiday and please share pics and comments for what great finds you have found at your thrift store for this 4th of July!

#Savemoney #2ndhand #repurpose #recycle

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